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Without excellent talents, there will be no outstanding companies.

Talent Strategy

Talent is the first resource of an enterprise, and first-class talent is the foundation for building a first-class enterprise.

  • Provide equal training and development opportunities for each employee, and support employees to develop their personal careers under the premise of company development.
  • Plan, execute and evaluate training based on development goals, business needs and individual training needs of employees.
  • According to business needs, select appropriate employees to go out for training to improve their knowledge and skills in their current work field.
  • Employees' personal pursuits can only be realized when they are consistent with the company's long-term development goals.
  • The development of the company will inevitably bring more development opportunities to employees and provide each employee with a "stage without ceiling".
  • Ability is more important than academic qualifications, performance is more important than credentials, everyone has a chance to succeed, and employees and the company are interdependent and mutually successful.

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